Kom question (was Re: HttpView2 1.1-beta available on Squeak Map)

Jason Johnson jason.johnson.081 at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 20:51:20 UTC 2007


I noticed in the newest version of TcpListener that you changed the
listen code from binding on all ports to only binding on localhost
(  What are the reasons for this?  It is hard coded, so I
have to either change the code or set up a local address translation


On 11/4/07, Giovanni Corriga <giovanni at corriga.net> wrote:
> Il giorno dom, 04/11/2007 alle 09.23 -0800, Rob Withers ha scritto:
> > Ok, I got an HttpsService defined, but my SSLSocket still doesn't support
> > all of the protocol you expect a socket to have.  I'll work on that.  You
> > would have to launch this from your HVRootView class like:
> >
> >  ^(HttpsService startOn: portNum named: name)
> >   loadRSACertificateFile: 'certificates/rsa.cert' privateKeyFile:
> > 'certificates/rsa.key';
> >   plug: ma rootModule; mode: mode
> Looks good.
>         Giovanni

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