ScheduledControllers - is an UndefinedObject !!!

theo theo at
Mon Nov 5 22:57:22 UTC 2007


I'm new to Squeak ST and am trying to create some views using MVC.
I found a sample and I've tried to run the following in a workspace and 
get and error see below test/error...

Do I need to initialize ScheduledControllers  and if so how?

Thanks, Theo
PS I'm not new to Smalltalk, I've been using Dolphin ST Pro for a few years.

====== test code ==============
"from: "

| form pen view topView |
form := Form extent: 300 at 300 depth: Display depth.
form fillColor: Color green.
pen := Pen newOnForm: form.
pen defaultNib: 4.
1 to: 50 do: [:i | pen go: i*4. pen turn: 89].
view := FormView new.
view model: form.
view borderWidth: 2.
topView := ColorSystemView new.
topView model: form. "to set the correct window size"
topView addSubView: view.
topView controller open.

=========== end of test code ==============

It fails on the last line of the above,
the error is generated by:    StandardSystemController >> open
statement:        ScheduledControllers scheduleAvtive: self
error:   MessageNotUnderstood:    UndefinedObject .. scheduleActive:


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