SqueakMap crashes in 3.10 beta.7158

Lex Spoon lex at lexspoon.org
Tue Nov 6 00:15:15 UTC 2007

Andreas Raab writes:
> That is definitely not true. The code in 
> UUniverseBrowser>>allPackagesNeededToInstall:orIfImpossible: explicitly 
> uses the latest version of a package; the basic loop goes like this:

You are both correct.  This method grabs the latest version within the
current universe.  Many universes are static, for example the stable
releases, and thus that version is fixed for all time.  Other universes,
such as the development universe, change over time.  The precise policy is
up to the maintainers of the universe.

> I don't get it. What you say above is in every way true for Squeakmap.
> First, I don't think you actually meant what you said above because it's
> trivially true in reverse: When putting v2 and v3 on SM and v4...v6 in
> Universes then SM would (obviously) still point at v3.

A motivating example would be the 3.7 stable universe.  If you want to work
with a 3.7-ish set of Squeak code, then you can still download the 3.7u2
image.  That image, released years ago, is a 3.7 image plus a pointer to
the "squeak3.7" stable universe.  That stable universe has 200 packages
that you can still load and work, years after the release was made.


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