Money units

Sebastian Sastre ssastre at
Tue Nov 6 21:59:33 UTC 2007

> It's a particularly tricky problem since the relative values 
> change frequently, rapidly and chaotically; honestly I would 
> prefer to claim that money is not really a Unit in any 
> meaningful way. Units are really defined values with defined 
> relationships to other derived and founding units. Currency 
> is a medium of exchange with variable ratios.
> tim
> --
Hi Tim,

	well regardeless of it's unpredictable nature, money, as medium of
exchange measure unit it still *is* a unit. So I don't see why to evade

	But I concur with you about complexities in the relationships and
(worse yet) it's historic values. Concretely I don't need (by now)
historical or multicurrency features so I'm ecouraged to use it as unit. But
if for any reason I do, I think I will have to do something regardeless
money it's a simple value or a unit. I think I'll still prefer money as a



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