Alan Kay's static typing sytem quote...

Glenn Ehrlich glenn.ehrlich at
Tue Nov 6 22:39:44 UTC 2007

Blake <blake <at>> writes:

> Hey, all,
> 	I'm trying to find Alan Kay's static typing system quote ("more trouble  
> than they're worth"?) somewhere on the 'net so I can link to it for an  
> article.
> 	Does anyone remember what it was, exactly?
> 	===Blake===

Are you thinking of his ACM Queue interview:

Where he says this:

"Some people are completely religious about type systems and as a mathematician
I love the idea of type systems, but nobody has ever come up with one that has
enough scope. If you combine Simula and Lisp—Lisp didn’t have data structures,
it had instances of objects—you would have a dynamic type system that would give
you the range of expression you need."

Glenn Ehrlich

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