Debugging a headless image

Giovanni Corriga giovanni at
Thu Nov 8 16:04:22 UTC 2007

Il giorno gio, 08/11/2007 alle 13.53 -0200, Sebastian Sastre ha scritto:
> Hi Giovanni,
> 	I run several images with -headless without that problem. If you
> want to perform internal diagnostic I think you can use:
> 	1. rST open in some port and connect from another headfull image
> 	2. do the same but with RemoteObjects
> 	3. Use the REPLServer from squeak map to telnet to the headless
> image
> Possible causes I don't know but I think I would make sure to try reloading
> all (and not loading what is not needed) in a fresh image to guarantee the
> "house is clean".

Hi all,

of course five seconds after sending the message I solved the problem. I didn't
have the write permission for the directory I was in, so the image couldn't open the
.changes file.



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