[ANN] DeltaStreams release 0.1

Giovanni Corriga giovanni at corriga.net
Thu Nov 8 21:22:51 UTC 2007

Il giorno gio, 08/11/2007 alle 21.35 +0100, Göran Krampe ha scritto:
> > Can you say a little more about the anticipated workflow with
> > DeltaStreams?
> [...]
> Still, this is not what you may be asking about - I presume you see all
> the above - I presume you wonder about the "streams" part. I honestly
> don't know yet but I would like to experiment with multiple streams
> connected to projects, images, packages and even people - and combine this
> with a publish/subscribe system so that you can easily discover streams -
> subscribe to them etc.
> > but it is unclear to me how this
> > integrates into the larger picture, with Monticello, images, versions etc.
> It is definitely unclear to us too - but I intend to take the trivial
> approach here: "one thing at a time". I am dead focused on making Deltas
> work as intended - then we can tackle streams of them.
> But if there are people interested in coming up with something around this
> aspect - feel free to join up! For example, Giovanni Corriga is starting
> some work on SM3 with Atom feeds etc, and without knowing exactly what he
> is doing I would say it definitely relates.

At the heart of Squeak Map3 will be Atom Publishing Protocol (APP)
server. APP is a REST-style protocol that uses the Atom syndication
protocol as the interexchange format between the server and the clients.
Since the list of packages, the list of releases of a package, the
details of a package, etc. will be exposed as Atom feeds, it will be
easy for a client to subscribe to different feeds and to mix packages
from different maps, etc. 
A generic APP server could be easily extracted from the Squeak Map 3
server and adapted for use with Deltas. This would allow the stream
remixing that Goran would like to have.



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