Smalltalk and Java

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Fri Nov 9 19:08:41 UTC 2007

Portability is one good reason. I have found another good reason few  
weeks ago when I saw the talk of Jim Hugunin on Iron Python (Python  
for .Net). Jim said that he experiences a significant improvement of  
Iron Python at each new version of .Net.

In the case of Athena this is not true (yet) since there is no JIT.  
But it would not be surprising if a smalltalk program compiled for a  
JVM has a better performance than the same program on the standard  
squeak VM.

The link of Jim's talk: 


On 9 Nov 2007, at 19:14, Brett Kosinski wrote:

>> why I would like to have Smalltalk over Java? I can't understand it.
>> A question from a newbie
> The same reason you'd build any language over the JVM.  Portability.
> Of course, being able to interact with the existing body of
> JVM-.targeted code is also a nice bonus.
> Brett.

Alexandre Bergel

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