Smalltalk and Java

Patrick Georgi patrick at
Fri Nov 9 20:52:41 UTC 2007

Andreas Raab schrieb:
> Interesting. To me, it would be surprising, simply because all I've seen
> in that direction like Jython, or Dan's Squeak-on-Java had significantly
> worse performance compared when run on top of the JVM compared to their
> "native" interpreter.
That might be because both python and squeak require more flexible
method dispatch than java provides (and the JVM supports)

For IronPython (and IronRuby, and a whole bunch of other languages)
there's DLR (dynamic language runtime) now for .NET, which provides
optimized/-izing code for dynamic languages.

So far, all I've seen in the java ecosystem was talk about a VM
extension to support dynamic languages ("invoke dynamic" or something
like that), but no decision or code. But I didn't look to hard for it

Executive Summary: .NET's VM might be a more performant environment for
dynamic languages than JVM

Patrick Georgi

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