OT - Mailing List Admin question

Hans-Martin Mosner hmm at heeg.de
Sat Nov 10 10:52:06 UTC 2007

Brad Fuller schrieb:
> I started the UI mailing list, and that makes me the admin. The
> mailing list is rcv'ing a ton of spam that I have to take care of
> everyday. Do other admins find the same thing on their lists? If so,
> what do you do about it?
> brad
My experience is that spam can be blocked quite effectively at the mail
system's SMTP server, using DNS-based blocklists and a huge and growing
local list of IP ranges from which no legitimate mail can be expected
(mostly dynamic IPs - DSL and dialup).

I'm using postfix, but DNSBLs are usable in qmail as well which is used
on lists.squeakfoundation.org.

This is no silver bullet, of course, but it should reduce the amount of
spam to be dealt with by a significant margin.


The lists that I'm currently using are zen.spamhaus.org, list.dsbl.org,
and ix.dnsbl.manitu.net.
There are other options, but these three seem to be well-maintained and
cover a lot.
My local access list is probably too broad to be used in any other context.

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