Smalltalk and Java

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Hi Alexandre,

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> Dear Squeaker,
> I am working on a new Smalltalk intended to be embedded in Java
> programs. Athena is an offspring of Smallworld.
> You can embed Ruby, Python, Lua, Scheme in Java. You can achieve
> similar goals with Athena.
> Comments will be welcomed...
> cheers,
> Alexandre

Congrats and thanks.

It is even much more appreciated if you can add an option to bootstrap from
(Little) Smalltalk source files.

I know, only retards would talk about source code and files ;-)

NO, don't mean Timothy Budd's original idea of bootstrapping from source is
retarded ;-)

Maybe he would regret that he would never be able to claim that his Little
Smalltalk has been alive for decades since it was born! And no other images were
created from HIS image !

On the other hand, if Little Smalltalk has been alive since it was born then,
from real life experience, there would be a very slim chance "to invent the

Oh, I almost forgot. My second request is to see some trait of Traits in Athena

To be honest, I don't really know about Traits but if Guy Steele put Traits in
his Fortress (with references to the Traitors as well ;-) then Traits is
something that deserves some good mouthing ;-)



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