Smalltalk and Java

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> Portability is one good reason. I have found another good reason few
> weeks ago when I saw the talk of Jim Hugunin on Iron Python (Python
> for .Net). Jim said that he experiences a significant improvement of
> Iron Python at each new version of .Net.
> In the case of Athena this is not true (yet) since there is no JIT.
> But it would not be surprising if a smalltalk program compiled for a
> JVM has a better performance than the same program on the standard
> squeak VM.
> The link of Jim's talk:
> presentations/JimHugunin_2007_DynamicLanguagesOnDotNetWithTheDlr_Dls.pdf
> Cheers,
> Alexandre

And one nice morning, suddenly Athena.Net can support multi-core CPU without
flexing a finger. ;-)



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