An interesting view on social groups and their problems

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On Nov 10, 2007 11:02 AM, Herbert König <herbertkoenig at> wrote:

> Hello Bert,
> BF> Does anybody here still subscribe to the idea that Smalltalk should
> BF> be a system in particular for non-experts? That certainly was its
> BF> original motivation. It also has largely failed in that regard,
> BF> though not necessarily so on technical reasons.
> Yes I do, actually that's what's attracted me to Squeak.
I'm an
> engineer and I need a software toolbox.


> Think Matlab.

or  OLPC/eToys

> Squeak is brought ahead right now by Software people so it goes into
> their direction, not towards non expert users. (Which is ok, as they
> do the work.) But in the end a small modularized kernel will help non
> expert users too. If it has easy access to the wealth of existing code
> which was in older images it will even be attractive for them.
> Cheers
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