An interesting view on social groups and their problems

Chris Cunnington cunnington at
Sat Nov 10 19:03:24 UTC 2007

> Well, I wasn't thinking about children when I said "people who should
> not be programming".  I was more thinking about people who have been
> brain-washed with horrible systems for decades that are either not
> capable or not willing to see that there are better options out there
> then what they know.
> A child does not have this preprogramming so I would expect them to be
> potentially good contributors.

Bert didn't say children. You said children. He said "non experts". I
realized a year ago that the prevailing attitude of Smalltalkers was that
the language was either for Ph.D candidates or children. That attitude
disgusts me. It's the attitude of snobs. I understand how those who lived
through the early 90s using Smalltalk feel burned. It's no reason to turn
your back on the world.

This is where we came from:

How did we get from Adele's attitude to being a coterie of precious, effete


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