An interesting view on social groups and their problems

Bert Freudenberg bert at
Sun Nov 11 00:07:42 UTC 2007

On Nov 10, 2007, at 21:44 , Jason Johnson wrote:

> On Nov 10, 2007 8:03 PM, Chris Cunnington <cunnington at>  
> wrote:
>> Bert didn't say children. You said children. He said "non experts".
> True, but I assumed he was thinking of the $100 laptop project and the
> children.  And also, I believe the "purpose" he referred to was the
> statement about Smalltalk being simple enough for a child to use it.

I actually had the Visual Basic crowd in mind, the former HyperCard  
users, the folks doing incredible stuff in Excel or MatLab etc. Those  
who wouldn't call themselves "programmers" but just need to get stuff  

- Bert -

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