Real time syntax colorizer (web) for Smalltalk

Dominic Letz dominic.letz at
Sun Nov 11 20:30:22 UTC 2007

Thats great,

I just added the editor to my syx code browser: Looks nice there

But it seems like there is a bug in the smalltalk.js which makes the  
Internet Explorer 7 crying. I fixed this by commenting the following line:

smalltalk.js line 10
{ input : /([^"\."\.a-zA-Z0-9_#])([A-Z]+[a-zA-Z0-9_]*)/g, output :  
'$1<u>$2</u>' }, // Class names

So something in this line causes the IE7 to do strange things. Also it  
seems that the code highlighting is different on IE7 and Firefox. When you  
open this link with Firefox: you will see  
that the there starts a miss-highlighting through the lines 3 to 7. While  
on IE7 the miss-highlighting stops at the end of row 3.


Am 10.11.2007, 18:52 Uhr, schrieb Hernán Morales  
<hernan.morales at>:

> Dear all, I don't know if this was aready done, but anyway:
> Cheers,
> Hernán

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