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I have a DemoWindow, sco PasteUpMorph.
The DemoWindow opens on top.
I open a Browser, it masks part of  the DemoWindow.
I click the DemoWindow , but have to move it to make it go on top.
The browser doesn't go on top if I click inside it, I have to click its 
border (move it).

I set the demo window option "resist being picked up".
It is now hard to make the demo window go on top, so I add the following 

    DemoWindow >>mouseDown: evt
        evt yellowButtonPressed  ifTrue: [^ self yellowButtonActivity: 
evt shiftPressed].
        self eventHandler ifNotNil: [self eventHandler mouseDown: evt 
fromMorph: self].
        self comeToFront.

Now the DemoWindow goes on top when I click it (as it should).
But the only way to make the Browser go on top is to click its border 
(move it).

I have also tried /'evt hand newKeyboardFocus: self.'/ with the same result.
/'self activate'/ doesn't work on a Morph (but it works on a SystemWindow)

What's happening?


I have looked at the excellent documentation in '/Squeak by Example/' 
SQUEAK MORPH CLASSES/', and '/An Introduction to Morphic: The Squeak 
User Interface Framework/' without finding an answer. I have also tried 
to google, but have not found anything written by people who knew what 
was happening.


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