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Hmm, that's strange. If I understand it correctly, will Smalltalk be a language of the rich?


P.S. Emphasis below is mine.

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stéphane ducasse wrote:
> who wants to sponsor me?
> I'm sorry but I do not have 1200 USD to be able to participate.

Since other people may seek sponsorship, and this message is going to a 
lot of lists, it makes more sense to put these request on a single 
place.  Therefore, I added you to the ANSI Smalltalk wiki at and mentioned that you are 
looking for sponsorship (as I am :-> for that matter).

Anyway, you only need to pay in order to vote.  The process will be 
public, details will be discussed on the ANSI Smalltalk mailing list (so 
this is my last spam-esque message).


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