Oddly bound variables in compiled methods...

Alejandro Fernandez alejandro.fernandez at lifia.info.unlp.edu.ar
Wed Nov 14 01:33:21 UTC 2007

  after a while trying to chase down a bug, I found out that a method that
was apparently referring to an instance variable, was bound to a different
one. Let me clarify:
I had a Person class with variables name and email. I had a setter method
for name that correctly tried to assign (underscore assignment, in case that
makes a difference) to the instance variable name. However, after the method
executed, named remained nil, and the method argument had been assigned to
email. I modified the setter (simply adding a space), saved it, and it
started working well.
  Is that a common problem? How do I avoid it?
 I am using squeak 3.9 with a seaside-ready image sq3.9-7067web07.08.1.zip I
got somewhere.

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