SMTPClient bug

Richard Eng richard.eng at
Wed Nov 14 21:06:53 UTC 2007

Apparently, no one uses SMTPClient because there is a bug that has lingered
for ages. Using it raises the following Squeak error message:

TelnetProtocolError: 501 malformed auth input (#5.5.4)

Here's my test Squeak method:

mailTo: userAddress subject: subject text: text
    | client |
    client := SMTPClient openOnHostNamed: 'host_mail_server' port: 25.
    client user: 'my_user_id'; password: 'my_password'; login;
    client mailFrom: 'my_email_address';
        recipient: userAddress;
        data: text.
    client quit.

I managed to find a fix. In the #encodeString: method of the #SMTPClient in
the Network-Protocols package, amend the last statement to read:

    ^ str truncateTo: (str size - 2)

Perhaps it will be fixed in the next Squeak release? It's probably very low
priority as I seem to be the only person who cares about it.


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