Preliminary new Yaxo version

Andreas Raab andreas.raab at
Thu Nov 15 05:56:00 UTC 2007

Keith Hodges wrote:
> Giovanni Corriga wrote:
>> Maybe it's time to think about Squeak 3.9.1?
>> 	Giovanni
> I did think about it for a long while, there are/were scripts available
> with bugs to be harvested for this...
> but to be honest I conceded that 3.10 is as good a 3.9.1 as you are
> likely to get.

That is not true for someone who uses 3.9 in production settings. For 
anyone who is using a particular version of Squeak in production the 
step to the next version needs to be very carefully evaluated. Providing 
a small set of fixes addressing the most important problems without fear 
"what else it may break" is a very valuable service. Unfortunately, few 
people in the Squeak community seem to understand that.

   - Andreas

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