Michael Rueger michael at impara.de
Thu Nov 15 08:19:40 UTC 2007

Adrian Lienhard wrote:

> At netstyle.ch we are using 3.9 for many projects now and we will not 
> move to 3.10 soon. We're using some of the critical fixes, so basically 
> that means we already have our own 3.9.1 image...
> I assume, quite some people are using 3.9 in production as well. So, if 
> somebody is interested we could join forces and release a 3.9.x from 
> time to time.

Which fixes are you using? It might make sense to also include them in 
the 3.8.2, if not already.
The 3.8.2 updates should be working in 3.9 as well, but need to check. 
So we would have at least a starting point.


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