Adrian Lienhard adi at netstyle.ch
Thu Nov 15 08:44:36 UTC 2007

Hi Michael,

We are currently using the following 3 fixes:

0006581: Image freezes (background processes like Seaside make no  
progress) and Squeak hoggs CPU

This is the image freezing problem, where connecting with VNC and  
moving the mouse would bring the image alive again. When being stuck,  
Squeak hoggs the CPU, memory consumtion is stable.

Note: fix takes only effect if Preferences enable: #serverMode

0006588: Broken Semaphore>>critical: leads to frozen processes in Delay

VNC doesn't respond to UI events, 0% cpu usage, several processes  
frozen in Delay although our Seaside server still responds.


0006576: Delay is not thread-safe

Delay is not thread-safe since currently the calling process updates  
the internal Delay structure itself. If the process gets terminated  
while doing this (e.g., adding/removing from SuspendedDelays) the  
whole system is left in an inconsistent state and breaks.



In addition, I unload OmniBrowser (which is then added again with  
some other IDE enhancements during our automatic build process but  
only for development images and not for test server and production  
images). Also, I do some cleanup and change some preferences, and do  
some manual cleanup (e.g., remove workspaces, hide flaps etc.).


On Nov 15, 2007, at 09:19 , Michael Rueger wrote:

> Adrian Lienhard wrote:
>> At netstyle.ch we are using 3.9 for many projects now and we will  
>> not move to 3.10 soon. We're using some of the critical fixes, so  
>> basically that means we already have our own 3.9.1 image...
>> I assume, quite some people are using 3.9 in production as well.  
>> So, if somebody is interested we could join forces and release a  
>> 3.9.x from time to time.
> Which fixes are you using? It might make sense to also include them  
> in the 3.8.2, if not already.
> The 3.8.2 updates should be working in 3.9 as well, but need to  
> check. So we would have at least a starting point.
> Michael

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