Looking for the DHBSqueakNumerical-1.sar package

cbeler at enit.fr cbeler at enit.fr
Sun Nov 18 19:49:06 UTC 2007


I remember I did a basic reorganizing to have that package in a monticello
one (not deeply tested and that was my first try - there are some Unit
Tests that pass though I'm not sure I did all the job very well).

You'll find the package here: http://cdrick.free.fr/DHB-CB.2.mcz

Hope it can be useful to you...


> The existence of test cases is interesting, but I have already received
a couple of packages offline.  Seeing as I don't have GNU Smalltalk
loaded, this is just easier.  I would welcome a test case package if you
could extract it and send it to me, though.
> thanks all!
> Rob
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