Verious fixes for squeak-dev and squeak-web images

Damien Cassou damien.cassou at
Mon Nov 19 13:13:20 UTC 2007


there are some fixes available for the squeak-dev/-web images. They
are available from the Universe.

- OB-Enhancements (by David Röthlisberger):
  - It's now possible to add new monticello packages from anywhere in
the first pane of the browser
  - debugger appeared when right-clicking on the definition pane
  - a class creation template is displayed by default when a package is selected

- Shout + OmniBrowser (by Andrew Tween):
  - This fix prevents characters from appearing in the wrong order,
especially when typing quickly and with large fonts e.g. in demo mode

- Pier (by Lukas Renggli):
  - The editor tool bar is now visible

To upgrade your already existing squeak-dev/-web image:

1) World menu->open...->Package Universe Browser
2) Update list from network
3) Select all upgrades
4) Install selection

Damien Cassou

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