bug? 3.9 & 3.8 - saving changes file

Tim Johnson trilobyte at hoe.nu
Mon Nov 19 21:39:00 UTC 2007


Ran into a strange error and then I was able to reproduce it.  Running Mac
OS X 10.4.10 on Intel with VM 3.8.18beta1U. Repeated error on 3.8-6665 as
well.  I have a feeling you all already know about this and will chuckle
at me.

Here are the steps.

- Open up an image.
- Make some change, like typing text into a Workspace
- In Finder, rename the folder the image is in
- Quit, do not save

Resulting error:  "Error: a primitive has failed" ...


Now obviously it is trying to write to the .changes file but the .changes
file is in a folder that has been renamed.  Maybe this error should be
handled more gracefully, though.  Debugging this and making a change
(replacing an underscore with a ':=' ) actually brought me to a Big Bad
System-Error-Handling-Failed Emergency Evaluator.

*Also*, it becomes impossible to quit Squeak even though everything seems
to be running fine... one cannot Quit And Save, nor can one Quit Without
Saving!  Catch-22.

Hope maybe this is something that someone is interested in.  If not, sorry.


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