need a SqueakElib Chat Server machine

Rob Withers reefedjib at
Tue Nov 20 03:11:04 UTC 2007

I have gotten to a good stopping place before the holidays, here.   I have 
finished developing a Chat system in SqueakElib, both point-2-point and 
multiway, and of course it is fully encrypted.  There is a server which 
allows anyone to connect into the system and a client which I will 
distribute later, over the web page.

I am looking for someone who can donate a server machine which can run a 
squeak image and about 15 minutes to set it up with me.  The server will 
recalculate it's connection url and I will need to get that into the 
clients.  If someone has access to a machine that could host me, please let 
me know.

thank you,

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