need a SqueakElib Chat Server machine

Rob Withers reefedjib at
Tue Nov 20 07:00:38 UTC 2007

That was going to be my next task.  Currently, I specify ip addresses in 
several places.  I am running into problems anyway, so this is best left 
until next week.  Let me get it right, first.


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> Rob Withers schrieb:
>> I am looking for someone who can donate a server machine which can run
>> a squeak image and about 15 minutes to set it up with me.  The server
>> will recalculate it's connection url and I will need to get that into
>> the clients.  If someone has access to a machine that could host me,
>> please let me know.
> I can't offer a server machine but only an idea:
> What if you let the box admins (or whoever is responsible for the
> domain) define a domain name "" which you use
> in the clients, and let DNS handle the name->IP resolution. That makes
> it a lot more flexible.
> Cheers,
> Hans-Martin

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