[jobs] Aida/Web developer for a CRM in Slovenia

nicolas petton petton.nicolas at gmail.com
Sun Nov 25 01:50:22 UTC 2007

Hi Janko,

I would be very interested, but I cannot go to Slovenia (i'm a

So, is there a way to do this job without going to Slovenia (via the
web) ?


Le samedi 24 novembre 2007 à 19:22 +0100, Janko Mivšek a écrit :
> Hello Smalltalkers,
> I'm doing a preliminary search for a developer of a brand new SugarCRM 
> like CRM (Customer Relationship Management), based on Aida/Web web 
> framework. What is interesting to mention is that this CRM will be 
> open-sourced from the start and that the developer will work and 
> actively contribute back into Smalltalk and Aida communities while help 
> starting a CRM one too.
> Idea is to exploit the Smalltalk and OO features in full to make a 
> really good CRM, with speed, manageability and expandability as main 
> features. CRM will be built with an active help of a company specialized 
> in sales management, using CRM as a tool and have therefore a lot of 
> knowledge in the field. They are already using the open-source SugarCRM 
> derivative vtiger, and they like to continue the open-source tradition, 
> but on a better technology. So, I think Smalltalk in general has a great 
> opportunity here to show what is capable!
> Few more info:
> - Target Smalltalks: VisualWorks, Gemstone, Squeak
> - Language: Slovenian preferred, English
> - Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia
> - Timeframe: starting 1Q 2008, first version 3Q 2008
> If anyone is interested please contact me privately.
> Janko
Nicolas Petton
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