Maintaining the image ( from Re: [Mantisk 0004531]: etc, )

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Tue Nov 27 05:32:57 UTC 2007

Maintaining the image ( from Re: [Mantisk 0004531]:
etc, from Edgar to myself.)

Hi Edgar,

You have my sympathies, and whatever you decide I will
respect your wishes.

I think this note needs to be shared more widely than
between the two of us. It becomes part of the case
against the decision to use MC1 to maintain the image.
Or at least against it being a precursor to
maintaining the image.

(Or a case against maintaining morphic. Sigh.)

It might make more sense to update the image with
changesets and then at some point snapshot the MC
packages. This update the package then build the image
breaks down when dealing with large packages or even
worse changes that cut across packages.

Some further thought needs to be put in as to exactly
what we are doing; the contexts we are doing them in
and how the various goals and forces interact.

As always thanks for your service and friendship.

Cheers, -Jer

--- "Edgar J. De Cleene" <edgardec2001 at>

> El 11/25/07 6:54 PM,
> "box-admins at"
> <box-admins at> escribió:
> > 
> > On 11-25-07 21:54, wiz  sent you this reminder
> about:
> > 
> >
> > 
> > Hi Edgar, 
> > Here is another one that fell thru the cracks.
> > 
> > It should have been fixed in 3.9 but a the
> duplicate complaint made me look
> > and
> > it has not yet gotten into the 7155 image.
> > 
> > So this should be taken care of so smalland theme
> users can find us new bugs.
> > 
> > Cheers, service, and curiosity, --Jer
> Amigo:
> I wish end the release and move to a less painful
> way ( change sets ) or to
> a not proved way but maybe in the long run better as
> DeltaStreams.
> I very reluctant to do updates touching Morph, don't
> wish move 1.3 Mb up and
> down for changes like this (only a method).
> The worst is people using 3.10 don't use Etoys or
> any small land or OLPC
> relate, they want web and development.
> And the OLPC and Small Land don't wish play with us.

Is that actually true? Smallland isn't still
developing and I don't get responses when I try to
contact Diego but clearly they must be doing

OLPC is under constant deadline pressure. But Bert and
Yoshiki write the list often.

AFAIK no one has disowned the idea of cooperation. The
forces of time and the necessity to focus on other
things seem to get in the way.

> So , why I should do ?
Um squeak should not have unimplemented calls. Ones
that get in peoples way are particularly obnoxious. We
have had two separate complaints about this. So
something that changes the image should be done. The
fix makes the least assumptions about what else should

This does not mean that it must be 3dot10 that chooses
to fix it. Maybe it needs to be scheduled for 3dot11.
Talk to Ralph and find out his thoughts. Meanwhile I
am copying this reply to the squeakdev list. I bet we
get a lot of opinions from that. :) 
> Very different is if I could do using a real change
> sets.
> Edgar  

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