ANN: new Genie release

Simon Michael simon at
Wed Nov 28 20:46:40 UTC 2007

As penance, and encouraged by Brian, I ended up doing a bunch of work on 
the Genie package yesterday. Genie is a very cool gesture recognition 
system by Nathanael Schärli that for years required a bit of setup work 
and has been largely ignored. I'm pleased to announce that there is now 
a ready-to-run version of Genie on squeak source.

This version includes better Squeak integration, a small dictionary of 
useful gestures for project navigation and UI control, and most of all, 
should "just work" after installation. It has been tested with Squeak 
3.10 and 3.9 so far. Please give it a try and ask questions if you have 
any trouble.

Also note the squeaksource Genie project is now globally-writable, so 
feel free to make it better.

Thanks - Simon

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