How do I find out the maximum extent that a morph can be set to, without this impacting the current extent of its owner morph?

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at
Thu Nov 29 18:02:11 UTC 2007

El 11/29/07 11:48 AM, "Alexandre Rousseau" <alexr at> escribió:

> Hi Edgar
> Thanks very much. But what imagine that:
> 1. my text is much longer, say, 'A test is a test is a test is a test
> is a test is a test is a test is a test is a test is a test is a test
> is a test.'
> 2. the user has not yet resized my collapsed morph. Contents are
> contracted to, say, 32 characters, and copied to the title bar. So
> far, so good.
> 3. next, the user resizes the collapsed morph so that its length is
> twice what it was in #2. I would then want to be able to see more
> characters in that title bar, say, 64.
> Actually, playing with ProjectViewMorphs, I see the behaviour I need.
> Say you name a project with a ridiculously long name. Collapsing the
> project view (in place) reveals only parts of the long title.
> Resizing it reveals or hides characters as needed.
> Somehow, I can't get this to happen with my own collapsed morph.
> Delving into the ProjectViewMorph class does not shed much light on
> why this is happening, but I suspect that that project view's
> AlignmentMorph row plays a role in this. I'll do some tests.
> Thanks for your help, again
> Alex

Good refining.
So tomorrow I try to dig on ProjectViewMorphs for find the methods.
If/When , I send more mail, if you find first, do some recipe in swiki for
next guy.


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