Squeak demonstrated on the Lab With Leo

Randal L. Schwartz merlyn at stonehenge.com
Thu Nov 29 21:43:18 UTC 2007

Yesterday, I did two Squeak-related segments for The Lab With Leo
(labwithleo.com), a technology show that is shown on cable in Canada and
Australia, and on bittorrent endpoints around the world with some clever

I talked about the OLPC Etoys image for show #149 (each show's number is shown
prominently in the opening). I did the classic "draw a car and control it with
a drawn steering wheel" demo.  Thanks Alan, for that.

For show #137, I showed the Scratch programming environment from
scratch.mit.edu.  I made the default cat "follow the mouse", and didn't
realize until midway through that it was more anthropomorphic than I had
realized. :) Of course, when I duplicated that cat, Leo Laporte uttered "copy
cat", and got me laughing as well.  I mentioned that Squeak powered Scratch,
but didn't go into it as deep as I did for the Etoys talk.  I also emphasized
the community aspect, of being able to upload my stupid project and download

I'm happy to have shown Squeak in a very public venue.  This should raise the
visibility of Squeak-for-kids, since this show is highly respected and watched.

The episodes should air in the mid-January timeframe, so watch for them.

If someone could help me get into Croquet a bit more, I'm being asked for
topics for February already. (nudge!)

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