MoviePlayerMorph in 3.10

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at
Sun Oct 7 10:08:28 UTC 2007

El 10/6/07 7:13 PM, "Brad Fuller" <bradallenfuller at> escribió:

> Why this MoviePlayerMorph class removed in 3.10? It's in 3.8
3.10 plan is about one year soon.
One of goals is remove as much we could.
For the last time:
We wish smaller images yes or not ?
3.11 should be smaller ,so some of 3.10 and more of 3.8 is not on base
But always you could load any you wish later or start with dev image.
I actualize my non official FunSqueak 3.10 as soon is possible.
Also I plan to have in this place "how to " load old things (to request) and
how to get 3.8.1 projects and OLPC projects working on 3.10.
So if you have some old not in FunSqueak 3.10, let me know.


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