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Brad Fuller bradallenfuller at
Sun Oct 14 05:18:16 UTC 2007

tim Rowledge wrote:
> An interesting thing to consider is that the chumby I mentioned a few 
> days ago ( has about 100 times the cpu speed, about 100 
> times the memory, can drive a 800 * 600 16bpp screen and costs about 
> $200. Oh and it does have a touchscreen as well as a few buttons. 
> Can't help seeing some possibilities here.

I checked chumby out when you mentioned it - I had never heard of it.
Yeah, it seems to be a cool little thing and I could see something like 
displaying weather stats from Dan's weather gizmo. It could be nice to 
show other local home stats (cameras, security stats, status of the 
lights, electrical usage, etc.) instead of using a more expensive 
computer. You could have several around the house. (kinda like us old 
people who buy the cheap drug store reading glasses and sprinkle them 
around the house for times when we need them.)

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