Erlang a primitive language? (was Re: Multy-core CPUs)

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Thu Oct 25 18:47:46 UTC 2007

Jason Johnson wrote:
> On 10/25/07, Matej Kosik <kosik at> wrote:
>> I am sorry. This wasn't the proper word.
>> Certainly, I believe that there are things that cannot be modelled in the pure functional language
>> (whose constructs can be without exceptions mapped to the lambda-calculus). This is not only the
>> case of input/output. This is also the case of modelling stateful systems that interact with their
>> environment over time (not only at the beginning and at the end). So pretending that functional
>> programming can cover all the important aspects of systems we need to model is unfaithful. Those
>> impurities are useful.
> Um, you are aware that lambda-calculus is Turing equivalent right?
> "The untyped lambda calculus is Turing-complete, but many typed lambda
> calculi, including System F, are not."

As an aside, the simplest possible Universal Turning Machine was just 
discovered by a mathematical proof. See

Yes, almost any computing machine can compute any solution. But ick, not 
in practice. Shivers.

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