Interesting news: Microsoft working on running XP on OLPC XO

nicolas cellier ncellier at
Fri Oct 26 19:15:14 UTC 2007

Depends if those politicians have invested own money in anti-virus 
market or not...

Michael Rueger a écrit :
> gafisher wrote:
>> Showing once again the complete cluelessness of Microsoft.
> Well, what do you think a third world politician (although first world 
> ones are no different really) with no clue about technology will do 
> given the following choices to blow 100 million $ on the OLPC:
> risk it on a buggy, delayed, unproven system software
> or
> go with world wide established Windows?
> Just to be sure nobody gets this wrong. This is not my opinion, I'm just 
> stating what I think might happen...
> Michael

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