ByteSymbol (#primitivePushFalse) does not understand #coerceTo:sim:

Matthew Fulmer tapplek at
Sat Oct 27 18:06:52 UTC 2007

On Wed, Oct 24, 2007 at 04:03:16PM -0700, Rob Withers wrote:
>    I am trying to run the InterpreterSimulatorLSB and I am getting an error.
>    In #addNewMethodToCache, this line of code is called:
>        self cCoerce: primitiveFunctionPointer to: 'long'
>    where self is the IntepreterSimulatorLSB instance and
>    primitiveFunctionPointer is #primitivePushFalse.  This results in
>    ByteSymbol (#primitivePushFalse) does not understand #coerceTo:sim:.  It
>    looks as if it is expecting an Integer or an Array as the value of
>    primitiveFunctionPointer.  Can anyone shed some light here? 

I fixed a few problems I found with #coerceTo:sim: in . I don't know if it is
the right solution, but it got me far enough that part of the
image was displayed before freezing. I never got events working
in the simulator, though.

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