Squeak on DS or other nintendo devices?

Hans N Beck private at hans-n-beck.de
Mon Oct 29 13:14:02 UTC 2007


Am 29.10.2007 um 13:34 schrieb stephane ducasse:

> how did you get lua in?

My hardware is: Nintendo DS Lite, R4 Revolution Card
Software: MaxOs,  DSLua 0.6 and DSLua 0.7

The R4 is an adapter in format of a Nintendo game chip, containing a  
microSD card (I use 1GB). The micrsoSD card can be filled via extra  
USB Adapter.

DSLua is an application (Lua Interpreter) which will be copied to R4  
and started by the boot menu of the R4 card (you can start any  
applications here). DSLua now scans at start-up  a directory  
"script", where you can  select and start your lua scripts. There are  
possibilites to start automatically a script during start-up of the  
interpreter,but details depend on the DSLua version. Also, DSLua 0.6  
can run under DS Emulators, DSLua 0.7 not.

But for the next generation of my application, I want to build my on  
application by using C and built-in Lua, which is not difficult. Also  
I should mention that the DSLua distribution is for Windows only, but  
the scripts and tools fro UNIX can be fetched from the original Lua  

Thats the short story. If you want the full story, don't hesitate to  
ask :-)



> Stef
> On 25 oct. 07, at 11:14, Hans N. Beck wrote:
>>  Hi Stef,
>> how do you define "make sense " :-) ? Really, for me Nintendo is a  
>> great device, it is a good mixture of simple but useful  
>> possibilities.  I code for it in Lua at the moment  
>> (www.dslua.org), and it is pure fun. What I am not so shure about  
>> if related to Squeak is its speed. But I think with a little bit  
>> adjusted Squeak, it would also a nice programming environment for  
>> DS !
>> greetings
>> Hans
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>> Subject: Squeak on DS or other nintendo devices?
>> Hi
>> I would like to know whether it makes sense or not to thikn about
>> running squeak on a Nintendo
>> DS?
>> Stef

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