[squeak-dev] Name that package

Nick Brown maillist at bredon-gill.demon.co.uk
Wed Apr 23 23:55:22 UTC 2008

Hello folks. First post by me here in a good few years.

I saw a mention here a few weeks or months ago of a new package which
appeared to be an alternative to using FileDirectory and
DirectoryEntry classes to look at the contents of folders on disk.
ISTR an example which allowed folders to be searched recursively.

Of course, now I've got some time to play with it, I can't remember
what the dratted thing is called. I've looked through all the [ann]
posts back to the start of the year, and of course searching for words
like 'file', 'directory' and so on only turns up a million or so
messages. Also had a look on SqueakMap and SqueakSource, in case
anything jogged my memory, but no luck.

Can anyone remind me of the name of the package, or better yet post a

Thanks muchly,

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