[squeak-dev] Limbo, again!

Edgar J. De Cleene edgardec2001 at yahoo.com.ar
Sun Aug 3 11:28:59 UTC 2008

El 8/2/08 8:20 PM, "Keith Hodges" <keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk> escribió:

> I missed out the obvious link, namely the proposal that Matthew (who
> deserves the credit) and I put to the board
> http://installer.pbwiki.org/Squeak311Proposal
> Keith

> Fixes from Mantis - Currently 40+ in the list

I like to know this list.
I apply to SqueakLightII (SLII) as soon  I know.

If Pavel agree, I could take his morphicCore.image and apply my smart
loading from class repository (SLCR) .

I sorry to tell none of his ImagePack.20080313 images works well, but I
learn a morphicCore could need only 693 classes as my Fenix port to SLII

I think he reach this with some automatic script and with minor changes
could be the 3.11 base and not wait until 2009.

SLII don't reach this kind on modularization yet with safe reload via
traditional ways like Installer, Universes, SqueakMap or any MC derivative
or with my own SLCR

As I having no feedback, I don't advance in either FunSqueak or SLII.

Sorry to hear about your personal troubles and you have all my support for
hard times.


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