[squeak-dev] [Updated} image.version0.82.bits.html

Klaus D. Witzel klaus.witzel at cobss.com
Wed Aug 13 18:27:32 UTC 2008

Thanks again everybody,

for your interest in this small piece of information on a web page (seen  
downloaders from so many locations, didn't think it would generate such  
interest :)


The page has now been updated, fixed things from the previous post  
(SmallInt name, also the class index of SmallInt which should be 0 in a  
class/instance pair of indices).

Thanks again Tony for pointing to that bug with your questions :)


- http://squeak.cobss.ch/ImageSpecs/image.version0.82.bits.html

The page will see some more updates, as soon and as often as time allows.


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