[squeak-dev] How to find...?

Yoshiki Ohshima yoshiki at vpri.org
Thu Aug 21 20:39:26 UTC 2008

>   I searched Richard Harmon on Skype and got several hits.  I might
> solicit and ask one by one if one of them is the ANSI compatibility
> and ScaledDecimal Richard Harmon.

  The full list of non-signers in the Etoys image is below.  It looks
a lot, but some just contributed a few tests that we can remove, some
just dead code we can remove, some just contributed games enhancements
we can remove, and some are one-liners that no way can be
significant.  Now only a few dozens of methods that are involved, and
we might just rewrite.

  But if any of you have contact with any of the following, or don't
mind sending emails, please please give it a try.

-- Yoshiki

 'AK'->methods by Anoulak Kictiraz
 'AM'->methods by Aibek Musaev
 'ac'->methods by Andres Coratella
 'ag'->methods by Andrew Gaylard?
 'ak'->methods by Anoulak Kictiraz
 'am'->methods by Aibek Musaev
 'bmk'->methods by Brian Keefer
 'cE'->methods by ?
 'chronograph'->methods by ?
 'de'->methods by ?
 'dls'->methods by Darryl Smith
 'dns'->methods by David N. Smith
 'drm'->methods by ?
 'drs'->methods by Dean Swan
 'dwh'->methods by Dwight Hughes
 'ff'->methods by Felix Franz
 'HJH'->methods by Hannes Hirzel
 'hg'->methods by Henrik Gedenryd
 'hh'->methods by Helge Horch
 'JW'->methods by Jesse Welton
 'jdl'->methods by Jose Laiolo
 'jet'->methods by John Tobler
 'jj'->methods by ?
 'jla'->methods by Jerry Archibald
 'jp'->methods by Jens Pall Hafsteinsson?
 'jwh'->methods by Jim Heyne
 'los'->methods by Lothar Schenk
 'MAL'->methods by Michael Latta
 'MPH'->methods by Michael Hewner
 'm'->methods by ?
 'md\'->methods by Marcus Denker?
 'mkd'->methods by Michael Donegan
 'nop'->methods by Jay Carlson
 'PH'->methods by Phil Hudson
 'pad'->methods by ?
 'RAH'->methods by Richard A. Harmon
 'RB'->methods by Roland Bertuli
 'RCS'->methods by Russell Swan
 'RJ'->methods by Ranjan Bagchi
 'RM'->methods by Rick McGeer
 'RvL'->methods by Reinier van Loon
 'rjf'->methods by Ricardo J. Ferreira
 'rk'->methods by Ram Krishnan
 'rkris'->methods by Ram Krishnan
 'rlf'->methods by Ricardo J. Ferreira
 'rpj'->methods by Robert P. Jarvis
 'Sames'->methods by Samuel S. Shuster
 'SIM'->methods by Stewart MacLean
 'SSS'->methods by Samuel S. Shuster
 'TBP'->methods by Brian Payne
 'Tbp'->methods by Brian Payne
 'to'->methods by Tomohiro Oda?
 'UO'->methods by Umur Ozkul
 'ward'->methods by Ward Cunningham
 'wb'->methods by Wayne Braun
 'wdc'->methods by Bill Cattey

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