[squeak-dev] Re: SqNumberParser refactoring

nicolas cellier ncellier at ifrance.com
Sun Aug 31 14:06:50 UTC 2008

Edgar J. De Cleene a écrit :
> El 8/31/08 3:25 AM, "stephane ducasse" <stephane.ducasse at free.fr> escribió:
>> create a new entry and funnel all the other ones to the new one.
>> Nicolas what would be great is to have one change that group
>> everything else this is really difficult to find the right files
>> to file in together.
>> Stef
> That's why in past we have only one person in charge , only a source of
> loading updates (the updates folder in ftp) and only a process for submit,
> review, discuss and at some point put in the stream.

You are right, some form of inertia is needed to filter 
proposed/incoming changes and harvesters have to sharpen and exercize 
their criticism hard. This is a difficult job, because some problems are 
detected lately only when patches are in use. That's why some kind of 
quarantine provided by an Unstable branch is a good idea. It is 
complementary to SUnitTests which should be the major tool, but I would 
not engage the life of my son on the sole guarantee of SUnitTests 
completeness, would you?.

> Installer opens the Pandora Box, I was guilty on adopt it at the beginning
> of 3dot10 release.

You are right on one point, it's too easy to introduce a typo in mantis 
Installer hooks or PBWiki unstable branch scripts, making the overall 
construction fragile (I made several myself). But that's only the first 
stage of harvesting chain.

It seems to me that PBwiki does have some filter at next level, though I 
did not understand exactly the process for moving changes from Unstable 
to Stable branch.

And PBWiki relaxes a bit the hard job of reviewing/harvesting patches 
from mantis, using a more collaborative way.
Installer and PBWiki are just tools for harvesters, like mantis is. They 
help working around some of the mantis problems.

> And I think the policy of having scripts external and in sites which is not
> in control of Squeakers is , well, a disaster waiting to happen.

It is still possible to warn then blacklist any undesired person not 
adhering the rules, isn't it, so things are (should be) under control.

> Or maybe Squeak is only for Masters now.

I don't understand this.
Concerning harvesting team, age and wisdom are required qualities for at 
least one member, and having a master in such team would not hurt, would it?

> Edgar

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