[squeak-dev] Re: Loading my monticello package - very slow at end; how to diagnose?

Sophie (itsme213) itsme213 at hotmail.com
Thu Dec 4 15:21:28 UTC 2008

"Damien Cassou" <damien.cassou at gmail.com> wrote in message 
news:6ac749c10812040221x525c1ae1mcd6276d6fe17d295 at mail.gmail.com...
> On Thu, Dec 4, 2008 at 3:12 AM, Sophie (itsme213) <itsme213 at hotmail.com> 
> wrote:
>> When I load my monticello package into Damien's 3.10 web image, the 
>> progress
>> bar moves really quickly to about the 99% mark, then pauses there for a 
>> good
>> 15 seconds. Is there a way to figure out (or guess) what it is doing, and 
>> if
>> something in my code can be changed to improve it?
> To you have some class-side #initialize methods?

Yes, but they are completely trivial - a few #registerAsApplication for 


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