[squeak-dev] Re: (Mantis) #07212 flaps render *properly* during StandardSystemFontsTest

Tim Johnson tjohnson at iwu.edu
Thu Dec 4 20:27:33 UTC 2008

On Dec 4, 2008, at 12:07 AM, Jerome Peace wrote:

> :-) I am really happy you posted this.
> It means someone else notices the small symptoms of big bugs, too.

Yes, I think small things like this make a difference for new people  
discovering Squeak.  Glitchy graphics = perceived glitchy system = new  
users walk away.  Also, like you said, they are often the bubbles at  
the surface of the pool which indicate the monster lurking in the  
deep :)

> If you run some of the font tests.
> The fonts will change and then be restored the defaults.
> Changing the flap fonts causes the flaps to be laid out again.
> This may either accidentally and temporarily cure
> the off-by-one/roundoff error that affects the flaps.
> There are some other bugs in flaps as well.
> I made repairs for them but I don't know and rather doubt
> whether they actually got into 3.10.2.

You are right.  The flaps being laid out again is what appears to fix  
the rounding error.  I have read some of the other Mantis reports on  
this but I don't have any insight into them.

Have your fixes been acknowledged/reviewed by others for inclusion in  

FWIW, I noticed that when I took the corrected image from my Mac and  
used it on a PC, the flaps were rendered improperly again.  Re-running  
the test fixed the flaps.  I then took the same image *back* to the  
Mac, and the flaps were rendered improperly once more.  Again, the  
test fixed the flaps.  What could be happening between platform shifts  
that could be resetting these values?  More rounding errors?  (I  
wonder, if Morphic was originally implemented on a non-rounding  
renderer/bitblt system, why rounding was added much later...)


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