[squeak-dev] MultiByteFileStream>>skipSeparatorsAndPeekNext doesNotUnderstand: #isSeparator

Greg A. Woods; Planix, Inc. woods at planix.ca
Thu Dec 4 21:22:07 UTC 2008

Grrrr..   I've been messing about trying to put together a little  
change set for a minor little bug fix in SMTPClient #initiateSession,  
and I've been hacking about perfecting it, viewing versions and making  
new ones and so on, and just as I'm trying to view the final diffs  
using the "versions" button in a method browser window I get a  
doesNotUnderstand: #isSeparator error, apparently from  
MultiByteFileStream #skipSeparatorsAndPeekNext.  From poking around in  
the debugger window I can't see that any package I've filed in has  
modified that method, and also I'm sure I've used the versions buffer  
in a method browser window before too without any errors.

It looks like the reason for the error is that the object being sent  
#isSeparator is actually nil!  I say that because the instance  
variable "peek" is nil according to the debugger and I'm assuming the  
assignment returns the value being sent #isSeparator after it has  
assigned it to the variable.  But how did "self next" return nil when  
"self atEnd" is false?

This is with Squeak3.10.2-7179-basic.image plus whatever packages I've  
filed in using the Package Universe browser.  (i'm still having a  
_lot_ of trouble filing in some packages, or their dependencies, too!)

Has anyone seen this before?  Am I missing something obvious in the  
changes from packages I've filed in that might be causing the bug to  
show up?

					Greg A. Woods; Planix, Inc.
					<woods at planix.ca>

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