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On Sat, Dec 6, 2008 at 3:12 PM, Igor Stasenko <siguctua at gmail.com> wrote:

> To awake Squeakers, you should think about developers. Not childrens,
> nor teachers, because they are end users.

> First we should make squeak a nice living places for devs, then
> developers will turn it out to nice place for the rest in the world.

Make no toys, make things for professionals, so they can easily make own
> toys.
> And 3.11 "vaporware" is the step towards developers, as well as Pharo.

To be true,
thinking, that you have forgotten, that:

Software developer or programmer is just like a translator, and nothing
Their work is to interpret the "real world problems" of "end users" into
"virtual world problems".
But they NOTHING know really about these "real world problems" and how to
solve them in "virtual world" also.
They could only translate "word by word or letter by letter" according to
the "sentences", constructed by the "end user" (like "from English to French
etc.") using different models.

SQUEAK is one of the attempts to develop the self-exploratory environment,
where "developers" could not be needed for the "end users" at all,
because "end users" are NOT "end users=impotent mans=dead users etc..", but
they are the CREATORS of their own real and virtual worlds and life.
So, Etoys is not a "toy", but the real "anti-developer-programmer" software
solution attempt, that allows "end users" to be the real CREATORS.

"To awake Squeakers", you should think about children, teachers, etc.. and
about developers, who accept the Etoy's philosophic concept at list.

Nikolay Suslov
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