[squeak-dev] Re: What is Squeak

Keith Hodges keith_hodges at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Dec 7 19:51:42 UTC 2008

Claus Kick wrote:
> Keith Hodges wrote:
> Sorry to interfere with this, but this statement is puzzling me:
>> Not at all, "image tweaking" is the standard way of doing things, and it
>> is the most efficient way of developing an end product. No pesky scm,
>> packaging and module distribution issues.
> How do you deliver the end product then?
> I hope not a stripped developer image? :)
For details - http://installer.pbwiki.com/Squeak311Proposal

The build process produces a "test-candidate" image.

The "test-candidate" is processed into a "release-candidate" image via:

1) All packages are saved to the monticello repository 2) some tools
used in building may be removed 3) version is updated.

The release, the basic image will be fairly functional, elements that
are optional will be easily unloaded. i.e. rather than produce a minimal
image that can be built into a basic image, we will produce a basic
image that can be reduced to a minimal image using Sake/Packages unload
tasks, after which Sake/Packages itself can be unloaded. Rather than
produce an image in which traits are loadable (this would prevent the
core from using traits), we will have an image in which traits are

Derivative images, automatically built from release-basic

   1. -test - basic with tests loaded
   2. -minimal - basic with all removable packages removed, including
LPF, Sake, Installer etc.
   3. -kernel - Pavel's shrink script applied perhaps?
   4. -full/fun - (fun squeak? Edgar?)
   5. -dev - Squeak-dev (Damien is moving over to use Sake/Packages to
   6. -web - Squeak-web
   7. -dev-beta - Squeak-dev beta
   8. -web-beta - Squeak-web beta
   9. -seaside - The seaside one-click-experience
  10. -seaside-magma-pier-magritte-scriptaculous - The basis of my own work
  11. -morphic3 experimental platform

ambitious do you think?


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