[squeak-dev] Re: What is Squeak? What is Smalltalk? (why is the list munging subject headers with "[squeak-dev]"?)

David Mitchell david.mitchell at gmail.com
Mon Dec 8 01:26:35 UTC 2008

> I personally would really like Squeak to be a strong, viable, Smalltalk-80
> implementation with full standards compatibility and with a good strong
> community which provides add-ons, extensions, and such as additional
> packages.

Of course, *that* would itself be a fork. Squeak has always been about
experimentation and Smalltalk-80 compatibility was more of a
historical artifact than a design goal.

I'd rather have a great Smalltalk-08 (and soon -09) than something
that matches up with the Blue Book description of Smalltalk-80. The
reason I'm using Pharo now is that it looks like the best near term
'core' Smalltalk.

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